On International Women’s Day, Be Your True Self

This is my niece Bianca. Always an animal whisperer and a gifted empath to boot, this picture really spoke to me. “Be your true self.” When we live our truth, sheer joy radiates from within and projects outward for all to see.

This isn’t always easy to do, especially when we have to make a living, run a household, have kids, and have endless commitments. If we’re lucky enough, we love what we do and don’t consider it “working.” Unfortunately, that’s not the norm though, most of us trudge by without lifting our heads and seeing the beautiful sky.

That’s the idea here. To commemorate International Women’s Day, take time to do what you truly love- visit the lemurs in Miami, take a hike in the woods, do whatever feeds your Soul. Nourish your true self and soak in the moments that uplift your spirit.


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