Mixing Your Yesterdays With Your Tomorrows

By Kacey Roy ~
Whoever said out with the old and in with the new has clearly never been antiquing, never rummaged through their mothers treasures and obviously does not know the value of a dollar. I, on the other hand, have done all of the above. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop all things home, and I will treat myself when really moved by something, but sometimes my pockets are just not deep enough and my need for change and revival in my home is just too present. This is when I mix my vintage finds (bought for pennies on the dollar), my heirlooms, and some of my everyday pieces with a special new purchase comes in handy. Full disclosure, every image was taken in my own home, completely unstaged, on a rare quiet Saturday morning. I’m just like the rest of you where time and money never seem aplenty!
This first image is a perfect example of mixing old with new. Take an existing tray from your home and fill it with colors and textures that suit your mood at the time. And lighting goes a long way fyi! That gorgeous aqua pitcher was my great grandmother’s and oh-so-me. I filled it with African Roses purchased at Whole Foods for just $10 per large bunch. Mini crystal candlesticks and cobalt blue candles and votives (all retailing at the shop for under $22) help to accentuate the aqua of the pitcher and the pink of the roses. Viola! Spring has sprung in the dead of winter.

Next, I catch a glimpse of my dining buffet which currently holds my favorite pattern on the pitcher (Giulietta pattern from Arte Italica) and should be considered more of an investment piece. The salt and pepper shakers are vintage Cartier, thanks to my grandmother, and could quite possibly be the cutest things ever. All other pieces were super inexpensive finds from the shop and compliment each other with no rhyme or reason.

Lastly I feature our beat up leather sectional, and if you look hard enough you may even notice my pup asleep. I’ve learned that with two boys, a German Shepherd and my husband as my co habitants that it’s best to keep my living areas simple and clean. But I can’t resist throwing in some serious style when I can! That rug is perfection. Great pattern that is visually pleasing, but so easy to vacuum and clean, also at a price point that won’t break the bank. That gorgeous large bowl is a rustic, hand painted Mexican treasure thanks to my mama and will never leave my possession (haha) because it’s my favorite!
So the next time you feel like throwing everything out in your house and spending all your money on new pieces, maybe think twice… then swap out half and spend half. Or spend the day moving things from one room to another. I often find this technique satisfies my redecorating desires! Also, definitely invest on quality pieces to accommodate inexpensive trendy treasures. And, lastly, look to the ladies before you. Chances are the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and you will love something that’s been tucked away just waiting for you to find.



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