Learn Authentic Pilates at this Beginner Pilates Mat and Tower Workshop

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Live Life Moving in Asbury Park will host a Beginner Pilates Mat and Tower Workshop on February 9th, 1-4 pm

In this first workshop in our Pilates Immersion series, you will learn the principles of Pilates and how to apply them to collection of foundation mat work exercises.  We will also explore work on the Tower apparatus so you will learn how working on the equipment helps you go deeper into the Pilates method. You will leave with exercises you can practice at home and a better understanding of how working with the equipment will help you get the most out of Pilates.

About Joseph Pilates and his method “Contrology”

“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness…” – Joseph Pilates

Did you know that the Pilates method is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates? While many think of the Pilates method being a workout for women or dancers, Joseph Pilates created his method for EVERYONE so they could live a happy life.

His original name for his method was “Contrology”.  He first developed a series of exercises performed on the floor (known as mat work) using just bodyweight and gravity for resistance. This sequence demanded balance of the body, building stamina, strength, stretch and stability along with concentration. He then took things one step further by combining his engineering skills with his knowledge of health and anatomy to design specialized apparatus like the reformer, chair and Cadillac.  This equipment supported the body and allowed the student to get even more out of the Pilates method.

Many people see Pilates as being just the mat work in a large class or private training on the reformer.  But, the Pilates method is actually a full system. Each piece of equipment (including the mat) allows the client to understand the method better, enabling the client to get a workout that progresses them safely and effectively.

Practicing the Pilates system will help you improve and maintain:

  • Health Breathing Patterns
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Correct posture
  • Total Body Endurance and Strength
  • A Centered Mind

The best way to begin Pilates is with the guidance of an experienced coach to help you find the correct form and feel the movements from the inside out.

Ready to dive in? Attend our Beginner Pilates Mat and Tower Workshop, Saturday February 9th from 1 pm – 4  pm.

Visit our website at www.livelifemoving.com or call 732-804-1848 to book your spot.  Space is limited to ensure everyone gets personal attention.

Aaron Ellis is the owner of Live Life Moving, a fitness and well-being studio located in Downtown Asbury Park. He received his full Pilates certification from Power Pilates in NYC in 2005 and keeps active in continuing education in all aspects of fitness and wellness.  He is also a NASM Personal Trainer and worked as a master teacher trainer and International presenter for Les Mills.


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