Fire And Ice At Artic Cryo

By Tracey Hall ~

One of the best benefits of living here at the shore is the ability to utilize all of the health minded businesses. I was especially intrigued when a new cryotherapy center opened in Shrewsbury. I’ve never had any treatment like this before and was curious what it’s all about.

The first thing that impressed me at Artic Fire was the staff, right there to answer all my questions and walk me through which sessions would best work for me. We (Kelsey) and I decided on the Infrared Sauna followed by a trip to the cryotherapy chamber.

The Infrared Sauna is unique because they don’t heat the entire room, only the comfortable Sauna enclosure. A choice of lighting is encouraged and you can even bring in your phone briefly. I chose to leave the phone out of my experience and sat down and prepared to sweat. The temperature reaches 158 degrees and never once did I feel light-headed or uneasy. It seemed like a good time to stretch my neck muscles, close my eyes and relax.

Infrared saunas do many things- burn calories, relieve pain, remove toxins from your body, rejuvenate skin and reduce anxiety. The time went quicker than I thought it would and soon it was time to hit the shower.

Once the sweat was washed away, Artic Fire provides a luscious robe, booties and gloves for the second part of this treatment. The cryotherapy chamber. That sounds a bit intimidating and I  wasn’t sure what to expect, other than I was going to be getting very cold very quickly. While waiting for the chamber to cool down, I noticed puffs of artic air bubbling from the top. Kelsey put on my favorite music and into the chamber I went.

The floor starts to lift you up in order to your raise your head above the chamber. Next, off comes the robe and away we go! The staff is in the room with you the entire time and keeps the conversation going. A suggestion was to run in place to pass the 3 minutes that you’re in the chamber. At first, I wanted my robe back, but once I started moving in place, I forgot all about that.

What’s it like? I have to say my first initial thought was that I was freezing! This quickly turned into feeling really vigorous and energetic. The three minutes went by quickly and I was able to dress and be on my way. The owner, Regan McCabe  wasn’t in that day, but she has done a spectacular job in making her cryotherapy center a must try spot. From the cleanliness of the space to the wonderful staff, I have to share my enthusiastic opinion that you should check it out! Artic Fire was kind enough to offer 20% off to my readers who would like to give it a whirl. Just use the code: JSHORESCENE20 to get your discount!

As for me, the rest of that day was unlike others because I had an extra pep in my step and did not experience any pain at all. Take it from one who has chronic neck pain, this is a treatment that helps reduce inflammation, ease muscle pain and helps to boost your metabolism. A drug free alternative that can greatly improve your overall health. Loved it!

Click on the link to reserve your spot and don’t forget to mention your discount!

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