Keeping It Local

By Lucie Dickenson ~

Community is important. We know that. And there is no better time to enjoy the community feel at the Jersey Shore than right now. As the warmer weather creeps in, we emerge from our homes shedding layers of clothing, and begin the exercise of living outside by the ocean. It is a beautiful transition and one that brings us close as a group. We thrive on our connection to the water and our tan skinned lifestyle.

I have observed this incredible ritual year after year and it always brings forth a feeling of newness and light.

However, while we may be here physically, are we present energetically? Grounding ourselves to our surroundings is imperative to a happy, healthy life. While we are walking on the boardwalk or simply sitting on the beach, being present in the “now” is our power. It is the place of acceptance and the springboard for change. Many times (myself included) I have found that we are so busy on our computers, phones and podcasts that we miss the opportunities that are trying so hard to unite with us. This is not purposeful, as the scope of our world has grown and these devices have given us outlets that expand beyond our physical space. But there is a time and place for everything.

You have been placed in this specific physical location for a purpose. Allow that to unflold. Remind yourself often that everything you require is here for you. You need not look “out there” for what you believe is missing, as it is all within. Each event and every person we encounter is not an accident, it is all part of your journey. But, if we are not energetically present, the blessings may go unnoticed, or worse yet, passed over.

Be present, Keep it local.

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