Kayak in Shar River

Summer Kayaking On The Shark River

By Doug Hall ~

I wrote about kayaking in the Shark River last year. Yesterday, my family and I were able to get out kayaking again!

We went to Kira at Paddle Time Kayaks and rented two kayaks for two hours, which turned out to be a perfect time frame. They’re based out of Shark River Hills near John’s Cracker Barrel, and the location is ideal for easy access to the river.
From where you embark, you’re given two options: you can either head towards the Belmar bridge and marina, or you can go further into Shark River Hills in the opposite direction. The instructor Kira didn’t recommend going to the bridge because of strong currents, which immediately made it more tempting to go there; but I chose not to since I had family with me.

Today we saw a bald eagle fly overhead. I remember last year near the Brighton Avenue bridge there were about a hundred herons gathered in a flock. It was such a bizarre sight that pictures couldn’t do it justice. Problem is, they were all hanging out on a big mud patch in the middle of the river, and that’s when I noticed how shallow the water was. My paddle could touch the bottom and I ended up getting stuck in the mud for a few minutes.

Overall it was a fun experience, though it got a little strenuous towards the end. Kira said most of her customers rent kayaks for an hour at the most, which is understandable and recommended for those who don’t have a lot of stamina. However, an hour just isn’t enough time to fully explore the extent of the river.

But in a sense, that’s a good thing because it gives you all the more reason to go back. I can’t wait for my next trip.
For more information on renting a kayak: https://www.paddletimekayaks.com/