Join “Operation Oyster” With American Littoral Society

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Operation Oyster aims to bring local communities together through education and restoration based research. Having a strong volunteer presence supporting this program is imperative to its mission.

As an ‘Oyster Wrangler’ citizen scientist, you will play a crucial role in the American Littoral Society’s state-wide effort to raise awareness about the importance of oysters and their ecological benefit to our ecosystem. Oyster Wranglers observe, monitor, and record data on oysters and varying aquatic species at dock locations throughout the Two Rivers.

The data and observations collected by the Wranglers help the Society better understand where in the Two Rivers oysters and species benefiting from oyster habitat flourish. Furthermore, Oyster Wranglers act as environmental ambassadors for the Society by educating those they come in contact with about the beneficial impact oysters can make on the health of the Two Rivers.

Contact Julie Schumacher at for more information or to participate.

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