Jill Alexander: Wall Township Teacher And Illustrator

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jill Alexander recently. We both have deep roots in Wall Township and she continues to play an important part in our student’s lives by teaching art at the high school. Her artistic talent is what brought us together as I learned her illustrations are a big part of the success story with the new children’s book “Little Owl In The Big City.”

Jill graduated from Wall High School then went off to college for a degree in marketing. Not feeling inspired in her chosen field, she decided it was time to get a Master’s in Fine Arts and was finally able to put her talent, passion and inspiration to work for her.Jill Alexander

I asked where the talent came from and Jill credits her Mom for always having a craft, baking or decorating project going when she was growing up. Jill, however, was the first in her family to draw and paint. After several stints at teaching, she and her husband landed back in her hometown with Jill teaching at the same school she graduated from.

She says the kids inspire her every day. Under her guidance, her students build confidence by understanding the doable steps needed to create art. Most of them are surprised at what they can accomplish and according to Jill, it’s very satisfying to watch.

Speaking of accomplishments, I ask her how she became an illustrator. As fate would have it, her in-laws’ neighbor is an agent in the literary field and was able to match Jill’s talent with several authors.

Little Owl In The Big City

The rest as they say is history, but it may be no coincidence that Jill’s mother’s nickname was “Bird” and illustrating these beautiful winged creatures may be guided by a divine hand. Jills Mom passed away a year ago and it’s to her memory that these illustrations are dedicated.

She has several more projects in the wings including one she wrote and illustrated.

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