Jersey Shore Scene Featured Author Of The Month: Jessica Carroll

December is the month of sparkle and joy! Please meet Jessica Carroll (Maldonado):Jessica Maldonado


Question 1- When and how did you start writing?

I started very seriously writing in 2019. In the middle of the night, I awoke with a book title in my head. I got up, wrote it down and went back to bed. I knew it was important I just didn’t know what it would be. Turns out it was the title of my book She Had No Business. 

An opportunity to work with published author Jennifer Tuma Young came to me unexpectedly and I decided to jump on it. 6 months later I had my first galley copy in my hands. It was lots of very early mornings, let’s just put it that way. 

Question 2- What do you like to write about most?

Relatable stories, ones that you can visualize and feel. Like you’re hanging out with your best friend listening and building them up. 


Question 3-What do you find to be the easiest and hardest thing about writing?

The easiest in the writing process is telling the story I feel and then of course the editing part is the most tasking. 


Question 4- What writers do you most admire and why?

 My favorite would have to be Elizabeth Gilbert, she took me away and Eat Pray Love and I’ve never been the same since. I felt as if I was her in the story. The friends, the relationships, the adventures and all of the emotions that came with it. 


Question 5- How do you get your ideas for stories and what’s in the future for you in writing?

Good question, trials and tribulations. Witnessing and partaking in incredible miracles and wanting to inspire others to believe anything is truly possible. Heck even sometimes in the middle of the night. 

I have a few different ideas for 2 new books so we will see where the path will lead us next. 


Closing – Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had purely because you are a writer?

With pleasure, selling out my first Barnes and Noble book signing in Monmouth Mall. The store had ordered 3x as many books to have on hand for my signing. It was a lot of pressure to get people there but happy to report we sold out of every single 1 and I even had to sell one to the store myself! 

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