Is Allaire Village Haunted?

Not far from the boardwalks that line the Jersey Shore, is a historic gem in Wall Township. Nestled in Allaire State Park is the quaint Historic Village. Now considered one of the best living history museums in the state, it was once an iron-producing, factory-town known as the Howell Iron Works Company.
According to, “The Village was a self-sufficient community containing a carpentry and pattern making shop, a blacksmith shop, a bakery, a boarding house, a blast furnace, mills to finish iron products, a school, a church, a general store with a post office, and workers’ home. Iron produced at the village was shipped to New York City by wagon and steamship. It was used to produce steam engines parts in a factory also owned by our proprietor, James P. Allaire.”

Allaire and his family resided on the property, but not without their share of tragedy. His first wife passed from tuberculosis which threw Allaire into an extended period of severe grief. Only the risk of losing his business could draw him out. Unfortunately, he would also lose the Howell Iron Works and declared bankruptcy around 1849.

Is Allaire Village haunted? There are stories that the two wives and his youngest son, Hal, still share the property as spirits. It has been investigated by mediums and ghost hunters. Visitors and employees recount strange happenings while at the village. If your curiosity is peeked, you can explore Allaire Village and all the original buildings on your own or take one of the many seasonal tours offered. There are many family fun adventures right here in our back yard. Who knows? Maybe you’ll leave with a ghost story of your own.
For more information:
The Historic Village at Allaire, 4265 Route 524, Farmingdale, NJ 07727        732-919-3799


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