Homemade Blueberry BBQ Sauce

By Sharon Merkel-Prudhomme ~

Grilling this weekend? Blueberries are plentiful and plump this time of year! In my “former life” I enjoyed 28 years cooking live on ABCTV27 Harrisburg, P.A. as Mid-Day Gourmet. This is one of the goofy lil’ recipes I threw together back in June of 2009.


All are approximate – I always cook to taste & don’t get hung up on a recipe-create-its’ what it’s all about!

1/4 C. apple sauce (always have the little cups on hand for cooking)

1 C. fresh blueberries *(raspberries can be used as well)

1/4 C. tomato paste (out of paste? throw in some ketchup!)

1/4 C. honey (out of honey? throw in some karo or maple syrup)

2-3 Tbls. minced onion (add onion & jalapeno in processor*)

2-3 Tbls. minced jalapeno pepper

2-3 Tbls. chopped scallions

1/4 C. butter

1/4 C. brown sugar

On high heat:

Add: butter, tomato paste, blueberries-stir until berries begin to burst and reduce.

Lower heat and add the rest of ingredients-continue to stir till thick & smooth. If too thick- add a little water or bit of stock-careful not to thin too much. Should be rather thick.

Excellent on chicken, pork, ribs, shrimp, scallops, etc. Enjoy!