Healthy Aging and the Quarantine

By Carol Wilson ~

Our path to a “healthy aging” lifestyle which we have outlined and dedicated ourselves to, has prepared us not only to SURVIVE but to THRIVE during this unsettling time of quarantine.

Our continued dedication to living the steps of the “healthy aging” lifestyle has made us stronger, more healthy, more focused, more aware, more alive, more alert, helping make these times less difficult, more meaningful and more fulfilling.

I suggest that we lovingly share our “healthy aging” lifestyle practices with everyone – young and old, especially those we care about the most.  This sharing will help make their journey to wholeness and our journey, more vibrant, more full and more complete. Our motto for today and the future: “HEALTHY AGING FOR ALL”

What I have come to recognize and appreciate is that all of life is built on relationships.

“Relationships” to people and “relationships” to everything around us – including this pandemic.  All “relationships,” offer us an opportunity to grow and apply what we have learned to help others.

This virus is no exception.  It too, is an opportunity to grow and help others.

If the “healthy aging” lifestyle practices that we have adopted as part of our daily regime are abandoned, high levels of anxiety and depression can fill this void creating an even greater downward spiral from which many may not return.  In abandoning our “healthy aging” lifestyle practices we make ourselves more susceptible to developing the virus, hastening its exponential growth.

I will not attempt to list health-care steps that I feel should be taken because we are being flooded with that information on a minute-by-minute daily basis.  I will, however, offer some suggestions that I feel will enhance your “healthy aging” lifestyle daily routine – many of which may already be a part of your daily “healthy aging” lifestyle regime.

Self-care:  Move your body.  Exercise. Dance.  Go for walks. Breathwork.  Pamper yourself. Bathes with candles and soft music. Laugh. Massage.  Learn to play a musical instrument. Watch movies (old and new) and TV shows that you’ve always wanted to see but never had the time.  Read. Journal. Meditate. Yoga. Reiki. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Learn new computer skills. Cook. Order out. Try new recipes.    

The list is endless.  It is only limited by your imagination.  Expand your imagination. The imagination is infinite in all directions.  Be Creative. Keep your usual routines. Get a good night’s sleep. Wake up at the same time.  Do your daily – exercise, shower, get dressed for the day. Even if you are staying in (subconsciously, you are “going out.”)  Indoor garden. Outdoor garden. Enjoy a pet.

Plan your daily activities.  Make a list. Clean house. Pay bills.  Cook meals. My husband’s mantra, “When in doubt – order out.” (as an alternative to cooking meals.)

Good nutrition.  Lots of water. Lots of vegetables (we want our bodies to be alkaline).  Lean protein.

We are here to grow through our relationships with others, with our surroundings, and with our circumstances.

Share your “healthy aging” lifestyle daily routine with others – young and old, so they may not just thrive, survive, but grow more whole and become more complete together.


Remember also my husband’s mantra:  “When in doubt, order out” ?

Be focused.  Be aware. Be safe.

#staystrong #choosehealthnotfear #thrivenotsurvive

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