Have You Tried Floatation Therapy?

Intrigued by Relaxation Therapy Floating? Not sure exactly what it is? We like to begin each year thinking “New Year, New You” and bring healthier practices into our lives. Floating should be one of those practices. Here’s why:

The “REST” in the name True REST is an acronym for the scientific term: Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy. The True REST experience is an elegant one. Once entering the spa you are greeted by our friendly staff, shown a short introductory video about REST or floating, and then you’re escorted to your own private float room. Upon entering, you will notice the beautiful, completely tiled walk-in shower room and the futuristic design of the True REST float pod with its soft colored lights and soothing music.

Before entering the pod, you must take a shower to remove any oils or chemicals from hair or body products to ensure the cleanliness of the water. After your shower, you will experience a blissful one-hour session. When your float session has ended, soothing music from inside the pod gently stirs you out of your deeply restful state. If you had the lid down, you easily raise the lid, let yourself out calmly and take an optional second shower to rinse the salt off your body. You are then ready to enthusiastically face the rest of your day.

At True REST Float Spa, we know that float therapy is a powerful tool for wellness, relaxation, pain relief and better sleep. As with any therapy, with regular use, its benefits are enhanced. Stress, tension and pain form over time and it will take some time to experience the greatest relief—luckily, floating is a relaxing, fun, and effortless way to do so!
The benefits of floating are cumulative—they build on themselves with each subsequent session. We like to say “the more you float, the better it gets” because floats themselves deepen beyond the first session.

Though flotation is an “effortless” therapy, the body and mind actually learn how to relax into the float with each session. For these reasons, True REST has taken this therapeutic modality and woven it into an experience that is truly spa-like that’s approachable and affordable by making it a membership service.

Still not intrigued? Read this testimonial from one of our clients from a sister True REST Float Spa: “Ten years of chronic, constant pain and in one hour I finally got relief! Each time I’ve come back my pain levels are lower than the time previous and the relief lasts longer after each float. Every time I come out of the REST Pod my pain levels return to zero or near zero! WOW! Thank you True REST.”

Two Locations:

Town Hall Shoppes of Brick at 990 Cedar Bridge Ave., Suite 13B, Brick – (732)-477-1515

3209 Sunset Ave., Ocean Township – (732) 898-7100

We hope to host you soon!



True Rest Float Spa





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