Garlic Shrimp with Asparagus

Contributed by Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~

A delicious recipe and easy to make!


Shrimp- 6 + for each person- peeled & deveined, butterflied
Fresh chopped garlic or chopped garlic in water
Fresh asparagus-stems trimmed
Oil-to prevent sticking
Grape or cherry tomatoes-cut in half
Seafood seasoning blend
*optional- Worcestershire sauce
Bermuda onion-sliced thinly


In sauté pan add tsp. oil to prevent sticking. Add seasoning and garlic, cooking at medium heat. The seasoning and garlic help the herbs and seasonings release their pungent full flavor. Add veggies and sauté for several minutes. Add shrimp and using wooden spoon or spatula keep movement in the pan and turn shrimp as they begin to change in color. **shrimp should be soft NOT hard-be sure not to over cook. Plate when asparagus is tender and shrimp loose their “clear” appearance. Enjoy!

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