Floating Helps You Ease Into The Aging Process

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You’ve heard that flotation therapy is being used for many different health care reasons. Did you know that it’s also a key factor in healthy aging? Here are four reasons why older folks should try floatation therapy.

Minimize Chronic Pain

Floatation therapy increases endorphin levels. Endorphins not only combat physical pain; they relieve the psychological tolls of anxiety and tension.

Improve Circulation

Many seniors struggle with poor circulation, floatation improves circulation by increasing blood flow throughout the body. Oxygen goes to vital systems and removes toxins.

Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain

Floating reduces arthritis and joint pain by placing the body in a weightless state. Taking the weight off your aching joints relieves the pain and gives your body a chance to heal.

Rest and Rejuvenate

The most important benefit of floatation therapy is the deep state of relaxation it promotes. This is more restful than sleep and your mind, body and soul get a chance to rest and recharge.

Still not intrigued? Read this testimonial from one of our clients from a sister True REST Float Spa: “Ten years of chronic, constant pain and in one hour I finally got relief! Each time I’ve come back my pain levels are lower than the time previous and the relief lasts longer after each float. Every time I come out of the REST Pod my pain levels return to zero or near zero! WOW! Thank you True REST.”

If you know a veteran that could benefit from floatation therapy, please contact True Rest Spa in Brick and ask how you can gift a session to that vet.

We are located in the Town Hall Shoppes of Brick at 990 Cedar Bridge Ave., Suite 13B, Brick, N.J.        732-477-1515

We hope to host you soon.    https://www.truerest.com/locations/brick/     

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