Floatation Therapy Can Help With Stress Eating

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Reduce Stress Eating and Lose Weight with Float Therapy
Thanksgiving is in a few days. Our first as a country in a pandemic. Combine the stress and anxiety Americans have experienced during COVID with extreme social distancing and long periods of sheltering in place and you have a recipe for stress eating. This unhealthy habit has been on the rise, and the waistlines and health risks of Americans are increasing across the country.
76% of Americans have gained up to 16 pounds since March, according to a recent study.
Chronic anxiety, stress and depression, all of which are exacerbated by the pandemic, can also trigger emotional eating. Although we know it is essential to maintain healthy eating and habits, especially amid a global pandemic, it can be challenging.
The body produces high levels of cortisol – known as the stress hormone – in response to chronic stress. Cortisol triggers cravings for unhealthy foods – whether they be sweet, salty or fried – as it looks for a quick burst of energy and pleasure.
Stress affects three aspects: your body, your mood and your behavior. Each of those can play a role in the overall health and wellness of your body. One of the main things stress can cause you to do is overeat, leading to many adverse health concerns.

The path to curbing emotional eating urges and weight loss begins by finding a way to handle the stress. Both meditation and floatation therapy significantly improve stress management.truerestpodroom

True REST has taken this therapeutic modality and woven it into an experience that is truly spa-like that’s approachable and affordable by making it a membership service.

If you’re ready to take a step towards a healthier you, book a float therapy session and experience its healing properties for yourself!
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