Chrysanthemum- The Birth Flower of November

November is when we turn our attention to family festivities and the perfect flower for this month is the Chrysanthemum. Commonly known as “Mums”, they are associated with love, friendship and joy and are a welcome addition to our holiday homes.

There are so many different colors and varieties, but they are divided into two categories: garden hardy and exhibition. Garden hardies have many small blooms and are sturdy enough for the colder climate in November. There is an abundance of colors to choose from and need very little maintenance. You’ll see a proliferation of this plant on the porches and walkways of Jersey Shore homes.


Once in the home, it is a Feng Shui belief that the Chrysanthemum will bring laughter while NASA did a study that this plant has been shown to reduce indoor air pollution! No matter the wonderful benefits, we all agree that adding colorful mums to our shore landscapes will bring joy to all of those around it.

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