Charitable Thanksgiving Donations Courtesy Of Fratelli’s Pizzeria

Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant Wants To Provide Thanksgiving For Ten Needy Middletown Families And Is Seeking Community Input!

For those in need, the holidays can be overwhelmingly sad, but not if Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant has anything to say about it! The holiday season is already here. While Thanksgiving is still over two weeks away, stores are already playing Christmas music and creating vibrant displays to entice early buyers in preparation for Black Friday, the Holy Grail of brands, bargains and a bonanza for shoppers. But lurking in the corners, often out of sight and many times, out of mind, are those who are not so fortunate. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, a day for family and friends to gather, to give thanks, and to feel joyful. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and to recognize and assist families who are experiencing financial and emotional hardships this season, Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant would like to help 10 Middletown families by donating all the ingredients for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Fratelli’s will include the following:

Turkey (10-12 pounds), Stuffing, Mashed Potato & Cornbread Mixes, Canned Vegetable & Cranberry Sauce & Pie

Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant is asking the community to help find the needy families who are experiencing difficulties. Some may have lost their jobs or just fallen on hard times.  If anyone knows of a family with true need, please email and tell exactly why the family needs assistance. The families will be chosen through the strength and power of the story. Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant is very blessed to be part of the Middletown community since 1982 and wants to be there for those who are most in need. Ingredients will be available for pick-up on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Restaurant is located in Union Square Mall, 500 Route 35 South, Middletown, N.J. The telephone number is (732) 747-4737, and the website address is

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