Bigger Is Better At Allaire State Park

Content provided by William D. Kastning, Monmouth Conservation Foundation ~
We are proud to announce the recent closing on a 190-acre piece of land that expands Allaire State Park (an aerial view is pictured above). The State Division of Parks and Forestry has wanted this property for decades but the owner was unwilling to sell to them.
Our specialties, in addition to providing acquisition funds, are outreach and facilitation with landowners who prefer not to deal with local or state governments. Due to our outreach effort, we became aware of the property’s availability and brought to the attention of the State who was thrilled at the possibility of expanding the park. We agreed to partner with the State and provided many of the technical skills that enable a project to go from an idea to reality.
Although the lion’s share of the funding came from the State, MCF’s most critical role was facilitating the negotiation with the heirs who were ready to have it preserved.
By defying the old adage of “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” with our relationship and skills, we initiated and facilitated this important land acquisition.
Next time you visit Allaire State Park, feel proud that your support MCF made this possible. Thank you!
William D. Kastning, AICP
Executive Director
P.S. Did you know that the New Jersey Pinelands were once an island in the Atlantic Ocean? According to geologists, Allaire State Park is located on the northern fridge of that island which is what has given rise to the unique plant and animal life found there today.

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