Believe Is A Verb

By Tracey Hall ~

According to Merriam- Webster Dictionary, the definition of believe is

1a: to consider to be true or honest

“believe the reports”

1b: to accept the word or evidence of

“I believe you”

This Holiday Season, we all grab on to the belief that the world is a better place and we celebrate with joy and love. We teach our children to believe in Santa because of the goodness Ol’ Saint Nick brings. Our families come together for the simple sake of being together and gift one another with our “presence.”

We believe that on December 25th, the Christ child was born under that beautiful star. Sent here to teach us how to live in love always. His brief life here on Earth was over 2,000 years ago, yet still we believe in His teachings and continue to spread His word all over the world.

“Believe” is a verb that shines so brightly this time of year. I believe there is goodness inside all of us no matter what our religion is. My Christmas wish for you is to embrace the warmth of family and friends over the next week or so, and carry that warmth in your heart forever.

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