Abandon Old Habits And Implement New, More Positive Habits

By Maria Fontana ~

Old habits are a crutch for dealing with the world. I am ready to boldly face the world and develop new and improved habits that serve me. Making changes is the key to enhancing my life. Old habits can be a little challenging to break, but I am committed to breaking those chains. I am able to change my habits quickly and easily.

My negative habits are in the past. They no longer affect my future.

I adopt new habits by making small, but significant, changes. These small changes are easy to implement and to maintain. I avoid the urge to change a habit all at once. I know this is a much more challenging method with little chance for success. I am satisfied with small, incremental changes.

When I change a habit, I am filled with excitement. I know I will begin to see significant changes in my life. Once my habits change, my life changes, too. 

I reward myself whenever I experience a positive change in my behavior. I know this increases the likelihood of future success. I accept that the road to change will be bumpy at times.

Today, I am beginning the process of altering one old habit. I find this process easy and comfortable. I avoid clinging to behaviors that impede my progress and happiness.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Which three of my current habits create the greatest challenges for me?
  • What are three more constructive behaviors I do instead?
  • If I stopped performing those three negative habits, what is the logical outcome for my life?


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