A Solemn 20 Year Anniversary

Twenty years ago today, we all remember where we were when that 1st plane went into the tower. At first, we thought it was a pilot error and a horrible accident, but much too soon we realized it was not an accident, but an attack.

Our home here at the shore was so severely impacted by loss that day and all the days after when friends and family who were with us that morning, were no longer here. We watched the tv in horror and shock as the towers and our world collapsed in real-time.

How did twenty years go by since that awful day? It speaks to the strength and resiliency of human nature to recover and rebuild. We put our arms around those who suffered, we carried the hurt, we sang together to heal as a nation and we moved forward united.

9-II – the distress code, the call for immediate help, is also the day when we reflect on the heroes and sacrifices and remember those we lost. I remember the silence after, a collective standstill. In silence, there are prayers and answers.

Today, it’s fitting to remember and honor the human spirit and all the souls we lost twenty years ago.


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