A Resolution That’s Easy To Keep

Content provided by our partner Scott DeLorenzo, True Rest Float Spa ~

We are almost out of the month of January when everyone starts off with great intentions and resolutions. How have you been doing with those? We understand that resolutions are hard to keep but there is something to be said about making your health a number one priority as opposed to a “must-do” resolution. 

One of the things you could easily do as a self-care modality is to try floating. There is so much noise around us now that taking the time to clear that noise out and truly relax is well worth it. Floating is used by many to relieve ailments like anxiety, stress, PTSD and more. It’s been shown to aid in sleep and easing body aches while even helping the body of an athlete recover after a hard game.

For you, it’s a simple way to disconnect and get the benefits of deep relaxation. At True Rest, while you are floating in the tank, your senses are released from all distractions, your body is weightlessly enabling you to reach deep levels of relaxation/meditation that would normally take years of practice to achieve.  The tank creates an environment where you can achieve pure sensory relaxation and recovery.

Still not intrigued? Read this testimonial from one of our clients from a sister True REST Float Spa: “Ten years of chronic, constant pain and in one hour I finally got relief! Each time I’ve come back my pain levels are lower than the time previous and the relief lasts longer after each float. Every time I come out of the REST Pod my pain levels return to zero or near zero! WOW! Thank you True REST.”


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