A Long Journey Through Grief That Led Into The Light

By Gina Ricci ~

She’s just so darn precious, I had to share her smile with you all as it’s been 20 years since my daughter Kylie became my angel.. so many years ago on 4/18/99. I share this not for sympathy…I share it because my journey might possibly help one person out there in theirs…

The love she gave and that it brought showed me my true nature. Like all 3 of my children, they are my teachers, my heart, my soul.
Kylie’s passing so many years ago happened for our family to grow through it in ways that were very difficult.
It’s was a long road, a painful road..thankfully, now it’s a peaceful road, a purposeful road and an empowering road for me, as I have learned so much over these years.
I know the gifts that her death and the many challenges thereafter have brought to my life.
She came for a short time to us, for our souls to go through this, for us to grow through so many life lessons.
For me, the work of grief, pain, sadness…it’s shown me my strength, how to find my inner peace, my connection to the light within me and the light within all of you. Kylie’s face, her eyes, her smile, they burned a hole in my heart and her death burned a hole in my life. My living children, they’ve taught me so much about myself  andI’m deeply grateful for them daily and love them more than they know.

Our journey together in the death of their sister and many years later, the end of my (their parents) marriage, has taught me how to live a more empowering life, how to love unconditionally, how to live in intention and purpose, how to let go of what no longer serves me, how to have clear boundaries and how to just be me.

It’s shown me how to help others find their inner peace, the passion for life they desire, their purpose and personal power. For all the pain that it was for me, I now know it’s purpose and the “why” of her passing, I could’ve never seen it early on in that cloud of darkness.
It takes time to see the light in the darkness, it takes work on yourself and your growth. It takes self-care and commitment to your soul’s journey and often it takes a village, a tribe of loving support.


Gina Ricci
Personal Empowerment Coach



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