5 Ways Pets Make Our Lives Better

Adopting a pet isn’t just great for the pet. It’s great for you too. You may have read articles that tell you that pets reduce stress and help with depression… and it’s true!

  1. They boost our self-esteem – an article from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that pet owners exhibit stronger self-esteem than non-pet-owners which improves interactions with others, helps with shyness, and makes our days not as rough.
  2. Pets help reduce allergies – sounds weird, right? But being exposed to a pet early in life can decrease your allergic reactions to animals. In a recent study, it was found that people who had pets in their house as children were about 50% less likely to develop reactions to animals as adults.
  3. You’re not alone – pets help fulfill social needs and help us stay on top of our game. We might feel a little lonely but we still a pet that asks for our attention and asks for us to play, cuddle, and go for walks. A pet helps prevent us from getting stuck in our negative thoughts and in some ways remind us to stay present.
  4. Pets keep us healthy – playing, jogging, and walking your dog improves our overall health. Dragging a toy around for your cat to hunt and pounce is better than being a couch potato. Pets keep us active! They reduce stress by reminding us that it’s not all about bills and work, and petting a pet can reduce our blood pressure.
  5. Pets improve our interactions – owning a pet can draw people to us. Your dog might spark a conversation with a stranger on the street or another dog lover at the park. Your cat sitting in the window might make someone ask you how old she or he is. Pets can be natural conversation starters!


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