3 Easy Ways To Enjoy Living Color In Your Outdoor Space This Fall

As temperatures drop and seasons turn, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the vivid blooms you love so much in your yard. Strategically adding seasonal plants that can withstand cooler weather is a great way to bring color and dimension to outdoor spaces, enhancing your curb appeal into the autumn months.

To educate and inspire, the plant and gardening experts at Ball Horticultural Company share simple tips, top trends and standout plants that are ideal for fall:

Pollinator plants in traditional autumn hues

There’s no easier way to add autumn atmosphere to your entryway, walkways and flower boxes than with the warm hues of rich yellows and sunny oranges. Blooms in these colors convey happiness and warmth, making them beautifully eye-catching. Some plants in these tones are especially attractive to bees and butterflies, helping create pollinator-friendly spaces.

For example, award-winning Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre is a native-type prairie plant that attracts songbirds, bees and butterflies throughout fall, and into winter. It’s drought tolerant and low maintenance, making it a no-brainer for colorful autumn gardens. Another great option as the weather cools is Achillea Milly Rock Yellow Terracotta. This perennial has a breathtaking golden-orange color that is perfect for fall because it is frost tolerant, plus it attracts pollinators while resisting hungry rabbits and deer.

Moody blues are trending for fall

While yellow and orange are quintessential fall colors, you can add an on-trend element to your outdoor space with Spreading Pansy Cool Wave Blue. The stunning dark, moody blue hue plays nicely when combined with a jewel-toned autumn palette. It is also a standout choice by itself, reflecting the cooler weather, crisp air and clear night skies associated with the fall months.

The vibrant shade of solid blue is beautiful in planters and hanging baskets, as well as in landscaping and window boxes. This sun-loving variety is a spreading pansy, meaning it can serve as great groundcover, as well. You can enjoy this pansy in fall, and with superior overwintering hardiness, it’s the earliest pansy to return in the spring.

Create dimension through floral shapes

Color is one important aspect of landscape design, but to really elevate your outdoor appeal, consider dimension as well. Creating variables in plants through shape and texture adds visual interest, bringing new depth to a space. To create this, mix florals with greenery and don’t be afraid of nontraditional flower shapes.

The perfect example is Celosia, which features blooms in unique shapes such as plumes, spikes or wavy crests. You can create any outdoor aesthetic you desire with varieties available in yellow, orange, red and dark purple. Each adds texture and dimension, pairing well with mums and other popular autumn florals.

Whether it’s containers, window boxes or several strategic places in your landscaping, you can update your home for the fall season and boost your curb appeal with fall flowers. A dash of color and texture will help your home be a standout on the block. (BPT)

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