By Carol Wilson ~

January 1st marks the beginning of not only a new year but a new decade.

Who do we want to be in 2020?  

Who do we want to be in this decade?

Are we fully expressing ourselves?  

Become who we were meant to be and already are.

Light the world on fire!  

Be a positive influence to everyone we come in contact with.

“DO” and “BE” our best.

It is never too late to make ourselves a priority.

It is “GO Time!”

Create a Vision Board for the new year AND this new decade.  

Vision boards are a collage of pictures, affirmations, photographs to lift up, inspire, and motivate us to achieve a dream/a goal.  

Be aware.


Take action.

Become who you already are.

Choose a word for the new year and this new decade.  

Our ‘word’ reminds us of the commitment we make to ourselves for the year AND for the decade. Keeps our inspiration going. 

The ‘word’ will guide us in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.  

Put your ‘word’ in front of you every day. 

If you find yourself losing focus, your ‘word’ will uplift you and move you forward with grace. Choose a ‘word’ that evokes a strong emotional response when you repeat it to yourself. 

Allow the ‘word’ to awaken you to who you want to be – that you already are. 

Find your voice.  

Our voices are powerful.  

Our stories are unique.  

Mine our power. 

Experience the beauty and strength that is you.  

Lift one another up.  

I am not the woman I was a decade ago.  How wonderful is that? I continue to learn, grow and step out of my comfort zone.  I continue to dwell in the possibility of what life has to offer.  

I am rediscovering my lost self.  

I am in a different season of my life.

I am making a difference.  I believe in me now. That feels so good.  

I am a stand for my greatness.

I am a stand for your greatness.

The Universe is holding her breath waiting for us to show up, to claim our space, to take our true place, to become who we already are deep down in the very core of our essence 

I contribute.

I serve.

I make a difference.

New goals sometimes require the creation of a new version of ourselves.  

I am especially drawn to women in their 40’s, 50’s and older.  I learn so much from other women.  

I am excited to grow more complete in my relationships with others. 

There are many women and others who feel constantly stressed, burned out, not sleeping well, lack energy and clarity, and feel that they are not aging well.  

One of my goals is to help take them from ‘that place’ to ‘a better place’ where they are more balanced, where their senses are more aware, to help inspire and improve their health, aging, and well-being, to help them make the REST of their life the BEST of their life.

What is your vision for this year, and for this decade?  

My vision is being healthy, happy, strong – physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, financially.  Playing. Laughing. Being a positive and strong role model.  

Being a Light and a Leader in my life.  Having a flow to my days. Having a flow to my life.  Never quitting. Never giving up. Staying committed to make a difference.  Being grounded. Being balanced. Being open. Being real. Stepping into my essence.  My field of love. My field of power. My field of dreams.