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Some angels choose fur instead of wings.

What Human Foods Are Bad For Dogs?

Content provided by our partner, Noahs Ark Pet Crematory ~ Your dog is part of the family, but when it comes to meals, it’s best to treat them differently. There are many foods dogs should avoid. It’s easy to learn what foods not to feed dogs, but it’s just as important to keep them sealed and out of their reach. Reference the list below to learn what human foods are bad for dogs. Consider printing it out for easy reference and be sure to talk to everyone in your family, especially children, about what not to feed your dog. What Human Foods Are Bad For Dogs? Macadamia Nuts -  Many foods dogs should not eat are a common ingredient. Often

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by Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~ I’m an animal person 100%! My poor mom however, who, although owning a dog (her childhood beloved Barney) and a canary was not

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