Wine Sales Up Over the Holidays

By Tracey Hall

This truly is the season to be Merry! Jersey Shore Scene wanted to educate our readers on the vast varieties of wine and what the best choices are depending on the meals served and individual tastes. Barbara Hay broke it down for us in several different articles that are now archived for future reference.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the biggest holidays for wine sales in the U.S., as they accounted for 69 percent more dollar sales than the average two-week period in 2016, according to Nielsen. The two weeks leading up to those holidays brought in more than $1 billion in wine sales. Sparkling wine is the biggest beneficiary, with sales up 272 percent during the period. Table wine sees a strong increase as well, with sales up 47 percent, and red wine benefits more than white.

Spirits sales experienced a 79 percent dollar sales jump during the period, with cognac growing 104 percent and whiskey soaring 98 percent! Cider saw a more modest bump during the lead up to Christmas, with sales up 19 percent in 2016. With impressive stats like these, we know what locals love and we will continue to educate on why we love our wines and spirits.


New Jersey is home to over 50 wineries and vineyards. We are also seeing growth in breweries and distilleries. How lucky are we to live in a region full of inventive spirits? It’s nice to be in the Garden State where small businesses are encouraged to thrive. Jersey Shore Scene will keep telling their stories and promoting the “Shop Local” mantra in 2018.
We’d love to hear about your favorite wine or drink. Please comment below if you have an idea or know of a cool spot that we can talk about!


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