When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

By Carol Wilson ~

Yes…2020 has been rough …AND…it does NOT have to end that way.  

I’ve heard so many tough, sad stories these past months – and it has touched Bill and I as well.  In late-August, Bill had a car accident.  He/we are on the mend.  And it does take an attitude of persistence and patience, kindness and commitment, BEing and BElief. 

I know that our commitment to our well-being, our health, our healthy aging these past seven years have made all the difference in how we are healing – physically and emotionally and with the love of our family and friends.

Now, an important thing to realize is that every choice, every day likely will not be one that moves us closer to being our best selves. Especially during unpredictable times like we’re facing today.  Life happens, and not everything that happens is in our direct control. Our positive behaviors just need to be practiced consistently enough to support the desired results over the long term.

But sometimes, even with all that effort to look on the bright side and push forward with our healthy habits, we hit a point where we just feel … stuck.  

Let us remember that this is a journey, after all, and it will be full of peaks and valleys.

Lifestyle changes are not easy, so make sure that you have enough support to create lasting change.  

Stay healthy friends.