What If…

Some will look at this and see it as “lacking ambition” or “unmotivated.”
But I look at this and finally feel my body’s tension drop.
Throughout this pandemic Social media has been filled with motivational posts, inspiration to grow or change or use this time to “become something” or awaken a different “someone.” And it’s so helpful and motivating!!!
But what if….. just for a moment…. we realize that this time was a time to just “be.”
To enjoy the scenery around us as our coffee cup makes a swirling steam above it.
What if we were to use this time….
To appreciate a day that was filled with conversations that no one will know about but you and the other person.
To be there for someone.
To sink into the couch with a Netflix series and watch it until the sun goes down… and say that was the best day.
To notice the trees on the way to work
To be ok with where we are.
To not feel forced to be something more.
To know we are the best version of ourselves by just being. Smiling. Talking. Breathing.
What if…. the person I “become” is the same person that was always there … just more relaxed.
More focused on the ant that’s trying to make it’s way across the counter. 🐜 (gotta take care of that lol)
What if… I realize that my imprint on this world doesn’t have to be magnanimous, grand, or even recognized.
…..That it is enough to…..
Maybe take today…. and open our eyes…. there’s a whole simple world out there that’s there for us to enjoy.
To be ok to allow that brass ring to shine and sit in its holder for someone else to grab. To just enjoy the carousel we are on as we watch the horses go up and down around us in rhythm.
To be ok… with who and where we are. As simple as that may seem.
Maybe the person we were meant to discover …
Is the person we always were. ❤️
Just ….more ok with that…..