What Are We Reading At The Jersey Shore?

Children’s Book Choice – The Santa Claus Key by Lindsay D. Martin, Starlight Books
As sad as it makes many of us to say goodbye to summer, the holidays bring a different type of joy. Trick-or-treaters, gathering together to give thanks, and the magic of the holidays we celebrate as families make this time of year my favorite. With that in mind, I came across an enchanting children’s book entitled The Santa Claus Key.

The Santa Claus Key, written by local author Lyndsay D. Martin, tells a magical story of the
special key that allows Santa to leave gifts for the children whose homes do not have a
chimney. Written for her daughter as a Christmas gift, The Santa Claus Key’s inspiration comes from her family’s discovery of a special key left by Santa on the first Christmas in their new home with no fireplace. Leaving their Santa key out on Christmas Eve has become a beloved tradition for the family every year since.

A beautifully illustrated hardcover book, the Santa Clause Key is a timeless and delightful story that is sure to become a traditional Christmas story favorite for generations to come!

Adult Book Choice – The Red Flags I’ve (Repeatedly) Ignored by Brianna McCabe, InspiredGirl Publishing
After reading New Jersey author Brianna McCabe’s semi-autobiographical book The Red Flags I’ve (Repeatedly) Ignored, I was in awe of her raw honesty and willingness to share her true life experiences navigating the dating scene, and eliminating potential partners one red flag at a time. As she puts herself on the line in the hopes of cracking the code on sex, love, and relationships Brianna learns what it means to actually love herself.
So honest is Brianna with what she shares, transparency is only fair – this book is graphic in emotions, words and experiences.

If you or someone you know is plodding through the world of dating, at ANY age, this book is a MUST READ!

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