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I am back after a small unplanned hiatus with much to share with the Warriors At Work world!
While summer can feel a bit more hectic with vacation schedules, shifting commitments with family and work it can also be a critical time for us all to turn down the energy, tune in to the voices within and adjust things in our life. In Ayurvedic medicine, the summer months are a time of light and warmth. To balance the heat and energy of the summer season, they recommend that we cultivate the opposite environment on the inside of the body — cool and calm. I take that same approach with my mind and my business in the summer and here are some ideas to turn down the heat, tune into the wisdom and fine tune your dance with life.

1. Make time alone non-negotiable. Pick a time of day and stick with it. You cannot hear
any wisdom if you don’t make space for it. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes on a pillow
under you Ganesh statue with incense burning which would be lovely by the way! It can
be 5-10 minutes on the grass barefoot, petting your dog, laying on the floor of your
office staring at the ceiling fan (yes I do that!) or looking at the newsletter subscription
you “never have time for”. Some of my best ideas have come to me when decided to
step away and mentally switch channels.

2. Make your workspace cool and calm. Did you ever look around your immediate
workspace and think about how it makes your feel? I used to have just the necessary
work-related items around me like books, files, pens, and a lamp until one day I realized
that my workspace is my laboratory and how is any of that going to inspire me? I am in
the listening and interviewing space and if I am not inspired, I am not inspiring others. I
transformed my office into a space that invites peace, exploration, and balance. My
favorite items on my desk are my beautiful crystals and my laughing Buddha. What
does your workspace say to you?

3. Think about where you made progress this year and share it as something you are proud
of to someone else. As an achievement-minded person, I often forget the power of self-
acknowledgment. It’s not just good for your own psychology, the energy of gratitude of personal power is contagious. It often shifts into conversations about gratitude, desires,
and dreams. It’s also important to remember it’s about acknowledging progress on all
aspects of your life not just your business goals and priorities and the progress may be
small but its moving forward and that matters!

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Jeanie Coomber

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