Want Fries With That?

By Tracey Hall ~

If you happen to be at any of The WindMill restaurants, the resounding answer to that question is “YES!” Piping hot, crinkle cut fries are a staple here on the shore. The WindMill french fries are almost as popular as their hot-dogs. They are extra crunchy and delicious and even more so when topped with cheese or chili or both!

The savory cheese sauce is a tradition developed in the original WindMill over thirty years ago and has helped to put the WindMills in a fast food category all by themselves! Their philosophy is simple: serve food that is of the highest quality and perfectly prepared. The “Old School” traditions are still in place at all locations. There is no deviation on the menu from the original best sellers, but it’s been enhanced with several healthier options like a veggie burger, grilled chicken, and salads.

The WindMill became a Jersey Shore tradition by serving “gourmet” fast food. Stop by to indulge in an order of their award winning cheese fries. They’ll be  served hot and crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or all by themselves!





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