Volunteers Needed At Twin Lights Historic Site

Volunteer Day on April 23 seeks new volunteers

The New Jersey State Park Service’s Twin Lights Historic Site will open its doors to visitors seven days a week this summer, increasing the need for volunteers, the Twin Lights Historical Society is inviting those interested in volunteering to attend the historical society’s annual Volunteers Day on Saturday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

While the day is set aside annually to honor Twin Lights volunteers, Society President Jeff Tyler is extending an invitation to prospective volunteers this year to learn more about the program. Guests will have the opportunity to meet with volunteers, some of whom have been at Twin Lights for more than ten years, during the informal meeting planned, weather permitting, for the grounds in front of the Lighthouse. Light refreshments will be served during the meeting. 

Most volunteers at the lighthouse offer their services at the entry point to the museum and the gift shop, answering questions and giving directions, as well as running the gift shop. Volunteers work under the direction of the Twin Lights Historical Society staff and the State Park Service Historian at the Twin Lights. Volunteers are also needed in specialized areas, including accounting, digitalization, social media and research.

Volunteers will undergo a brief educational session before assuming their duties and will sign up for three-hour sessions on either a monthly or weekly basis. Volunteers of all ages are welcome, with high school students eligible for internship programs in which they can fulfill community service obligations.

Tyler, who started volunteering himself after his daughter gained experience during a high school internship program, said there are numerous opportunities volunteering at the Twin Lights provides. In addition to being able to be of service to others, “it is an opportunity to meet with interesting people, people from all over the world, to discuss local history with experts in the field, and to become a part of the Twin Lights family,” said Tyler. “Being a part of the Twin Lights Historical Society is such a unique benefit. To me, it is the place that everyone wants to be.”

Those wishing further information about the Twin Lights, the museum, and the volunteer program can visit the website at www.twinlightslighthouse.org, or visit the Twin Lights Society Facebook page. 

The Twin Lights Historical Society is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers in 1955. Today, the Society partners with The New Jersey State Park Service, which owns and operates Twin Lights, to share its illustrious history.

  For further information, visit the Twin Lights website at www.twinlightslighthouse.org

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