Two River Dairy

Nostalgia and fond memories of when I was a kid swept in after speaking with Allison Fisher, co-owner of Two River Daily. As she was telling me about the business and plans for the future, I was reminded of the past when we had an insulated box on our front porch and eagerly awaited delivery from our milk-man. I remember the solid glass bottles and how good the milk tasted. Then we’d rinse and leave the empties back in the box for pick-up.

Allison and co-owner Doug Christensen purchased Two River Dairy in January of this year. Known by locals in the two river area for its home delivery of dairy products, Allison knew this was a business model she and Doug could grow both in delivery range and with even more locally sourced products.

Having a background in the health field, Allison was always thinking of ways she could bring fresh healthy food to people. Maybe a food truck or a vegan McDonalds? Two River Dairy turned out to be the perfect venture in so many ways. Farm fresh goodness packed with nutrients and delivered right to your door.

Doug, a previous client of Two River Dairy, brings his knowledge of finance and tech to the venture. He, like Allison, wants to bring high quality organic produce, dairy, meats and seafood to a larger part of the local community. There are plans to incorporate new products to the already growing online store and hopefully one day, there may be an actual brick and mortar storefront!

Food shopping with Two River Dairy supports local businesses in so many ways. You know that Allison and Doug are committed to providing the very best by sourcing their products from our local farmers. This enables you to enjoy farm to table freshness without leaving your home!

Some items available now on include milk, regular and chocolate, cheese, quiche, produce, coffee, meats and seafood!

Check out their website for the complete list of what’s available and sign up today for a business that’s rooted in the past, but poised to be a big part of the future of healthy food consumption right here at the Jersey Shore (and beyond!)


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