Toasted Garlic Honey: Pork, Chicken or Meatballs

By Sharon Merkel-Prudhomme ~

This recipe is fast and easy. It works well with red skin potatoes, which have been boiled & diced or quartered. Try this neat recipe with chicken, pork, scallops-heck just try it on lots of meats and various veggies-discover something new! We used this for many events from fundraisers to weddings!


Chopped garlic-2-3 tablespoons.

Oil-to prevent sticking.

Butter- ¼ Cup.

Dusting of: red, black & white pepper.

Fresh chopped parsley or kale.

Red bell pepper-diced *or diced fire-roasted bell pepper.

Yellow bell pepper-diced.

Honey-1/2Cup Honey.

Meatballs-roll small cocktail size-cook off set aside.

Chicken breast meat cut into finger-width strips.

Pork loin cut into finger-width strips.


In large sauté pan, add 1-2 tablespoons oil-heat & swirl to coat the pan. Add seasonings, chopped garlic & peppers –sauté till peppers soften. Add butter, honey, meatballs & parsley-toss to fully heat & coat.


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