Throw a Great Summer Party  

By Barbara Hay ~

We all know how it is: You wake up the day of your  party and you feel as if nothing is done, nothing is ready and nothing is going to be ready by the time your guests start arriving. This is why the Boy Scouts know the best tip of all – be prepared! 

There are many things that can be done before the actual day of the party. If you have any food prep, do it the day before and refrigerate. Marinate your meats and chickens overnight for a great taste and less stress in the morning. If you’re getting a keg, order it ahead of time so it’s waiting for you when you get to the store. Pick up any other alcohol and do any other shopping (plates, bowls, snacks, etc) in the days leading up to the party. If you have a pool, keep up with the maintenance so you’re not stuck vacuuming it at 9:00am that morning. You may be the one throwing the party, but you don’t have to miss it!

1. Throw yourself into the theme.

You don’t have to have the same old party bowls for your chip.  Give your games up to theme too. You can give away sparklers to the kids who do well playing volleyball or you can make special drinks for the adults playing horseshoes. 

2. Get a good chef!

Chances are, you’re probably grilling at this  party and you’re going to want to get someone to help out who knows his/her way around the grill. This is something else you can take care of ahead of time – ask your friends and family for volunteers and then narrow it down to someone you think can multitask but who also will not get frustrated standing at the grill for long periods of time. You can also pick a few different people, if they’re available, and have them take shifts so that everyone gets to enjoy your fabulous party. Also, on the same note, if you think you’ll need a bartender, get one! Many college students with experience are looking for summer work and will offer reasonable rates. 

3. Have recipes that are different but still summer ready.

You might really like a dirty martini, but how many of those do you think you’ll be serving on a hot day in July or August? Make it fun, find one cocktail for dinner, one for dessert and one for drinks!

One of our favorite “signature cocktails” happens to be The Red, White and Blue Margarita

First, you’ll need to sugar the rim of a glass or a cup with red sugar. (You can do this by dipping the rim in lime juice and then in the sugar to make it stick). Once that’s done, it’s time to make frozen Margaritas!
We make simple ones by starting with 2 oz. tequila, 1/2 oz triple sec for each drink. We then fill the blender with sour mix and ice and blend. We split the frozen margarita into three cups, and blend one-third (the first cup) with strawberries to make it red. We pour the red potion into the bottom of our waiting Margarita glasses. No we add the white layer, that’s the plain, white margarita on top of the red. Take the remaining third or cup and blend with blueberries (or a 1/2 oz of Blue Curacao) and layer the blue on top. You now have a red, white and blue Margarita!

(Serves 12)

4. Finally, find some good fireworks—they’re pretty much everywhere every Friday or Saturday night here at the shore. If there are  local fireworks nearby, consider moving the party to the site , or if you’re in walking distance, walk over to watch and giving everyone a great ending to their evening and a chance to walk off some of those party calories!. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to enjoy your own summer party and enjoy a lovely summer day!


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