The Human Body Is OH SO Fragile

By Tracey Hall ~

I can say that with some authority being very good at self inflicted injuries. This past week I was practicing what I preach by doing some Christmas shopping at a small local antique shop. I just love browsing through all the weird stuff they have! A particular piece caught my eye and as I reached into the wooden shelf to pick it up, a rogue splinter from that shelf jutted out and split my knuckle wide open.

Now remember, I was in an antique store, run by human antiques that were flummoxed and trying to be helpful. My first request was to see if they had a first aid kit, which eventually they did find one. All too eager to help, as they tried to repair my tear, I knew this cut needed stitches.

I was taken by how quickly a simple enjoyable task turned out to be a painful journey. Our bodies are so fragile and we take that for granted going through our daily routines.

You’ll read many posts on this site talking about health and wellness and basically caring for the body you live in. Eating right and getting outside are values I love to share, especially when you consider all the great spots we have here to enjoy at the Jersey Shore. All that self discipline is great until you run into a rogue splinter, or a crooked sidewalk, or a missed stair. Yes, accidents happen at the very worst time. It’s at that moment you realize just how fragile our body is, and feel grateful that it could’ve been much worse.

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