The Holiday Float Sale Is Here!

The biggest sale of the year is back. Buy one float gift card, get one FREE! No limits, no expirations! Use at any True REST location.
True REST is a weightless environment to relieve pain, relax, and reduce stress. With over 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt dissolved in just 10 inches of blissfully warm water – you float on the surface without effort – dropping deep into a unique state of stillness,  weightlessness and profound relaxation.
It’s even safe to fall asleep ON the water!
After just sixty minutes, you’ll emerge in what we call the “post-float glow”, melted into pure relaxation and ready to embrace the holiday cheer.
But there’s a science to why floating works so well, and why it’s a clinically proven path to significant pain relief, reduced stress and a noticeably calm, focused mindset –
It’s simply because, for one hour, there are reduced pressure points on the body, reduced tension, reduced inflammation, reduced blood pressure, and reduced input for the mind. It’s a chance for all systems to catch up and heal. It’s True REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy).
We’re a luxury spa, and our goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible. We give you options for lights and music. You can leave them on, or go dark and silent, sensory deprivation style. You can get in and out of the float pod at any time, and leave that door wide open if you wish.
Floating is the gift of peace, relaxation, and rest. This holiday season, share that magic with those you love most – buy one float, and we’ll gift you another one for FREE!
The gift is the present.
Happy Holidays from True REST Float Spa!

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