The Emerging Social Era Of Business

By Maria Fontana ~

As we have seen in our modern social era, a strong connection to work and each other is more important than ever. Broader than religion, spirituality at work is socially beneficial.

It adds a new element in the emerging social era of business. When we incorporate spirituality into the workplace, we’re giving all employees an opportunity to strengthen the business by breathing life into the work and building stronger connections. As business owners, when we inspire our employees, we give them a reason to stay united with the mission and values of the company and the daily work environment.

Business owners and leaders who realize the impact of spirituality in the workplace find a valuable tool for improving engagement, culture and effectiveness in their work and the work of their employees. 

A recent M.I.T. study on spirituality in the workplace found that consumers related positively with companies they perceived as more spiritual when spirituality was defined as connectedness of self, to other people and the world. Leaders who participated in the study saw a clear line between religion and spirituality. They perceived religion as an inappropriate form of expression in the workplace.

However, spirituality is a highly appropriate discussion topic. The participants voiced reservations about the potential abuse of spirituality but still felt it essential. Interviews with senior executives and questionnaires from HR executives and managers indicated that leaders within the workplace could convey more of their complete selves at work when spirituality was incorporated into their day.

They were also able to offer more of their creativity to the workplace. This shift in connectivity increased the opportunities to strengthen the company and breathed fresh life into the workplace at all levels.

The participants also strongly believed that the organizations could learn how to join both the whole person and the vast spiritual energy that is available to all in a way that increases their ability to produce quality products and services.

Leaders can change the way businesses work when spirituality becomes an integral part of the workplace. This change is especially significant with the emerging social era of consumerism. 

The Social Era focuses on the power of connectivity. This era differs from any previous time in our history as it values the connectedness of human interactions and self-awareness. When people value the connectedness of the self to other people in the world, they are given the opportunity to breathe life into their workplace. This connectedness strengthens ties that bind each of us together in the world.

 It’s important to start thinking and determining how you can become more cohesively connected within your workplace. Spirituality promotes self-awareness to other people and the planet around them. When you find these vital spiritual associations, you can unite your workforce more fully into a framework that is essential to this era of change.