The Cove And The Cattails

By Tracey Hall ~

There is no shortage of beautiful water filled views here at the Jersey Shore. One of my favorites, off the beaten path, is at the very end of the Shark River. A small parking lot leads up to this cove where the cattails dance and the sun shimmers upon the water.
Sea birds love to gather in here and when the tide is out, they enjoy a meal filled with small fish left behind.
One winter day, I was rushing home from the food store and noticed the river was almost frozen over. It was literally glistening like stars in the sky. Driving past with a trunk full of groceries, I just had to turn back and go take a look.

There was one other person there taking pictures. He was telling me a tale of when the river was completely frozen over.  At that time, we were not too far off from it happening again. I was glad to see another nature lover braving the cold simply to enjoy the view.
The deeper meaning is that we should stop and soak in the beauty we live next to. The Jersey Shore is an ever changing canvas. We are the lucky ones who get to see nature in all its forms.
Take a minute or two and look around, take the kids or the dog out and show them the colors of each season.

As Fall sets in, we should think of how to have a healthier lifestyle. What better way to enrich our lifestyle than to get outside and walk through a trail or along a boardwalk? Nature has a way to help us put things in perspective when we take the time to look and listen.

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