The Beer Run At Allaire State Park

This past weekend, I went to a 5K Run / Beer festival in the Historic Village at Allaire State Park. There were so many things to see and do that it was tough deciding where to begin.

The festival was set up at the finish line for the race. A sign displaying a map of the race was put up too.

When you enter, they give you a six-ounce glass and a plastic bracelet with several pegs on it. Each time you sample a beer, they take a peg.

There were nearly two dozen breweries to sample from: Carton, Icarus, Source, Birdsmouth, Last Wave, Twin Lights, Asbury Park, Tall Oaks, and so many more.

Of course, no drinking experience is complete without getting hungry. This festival had that base covered as well. Pictured below are two of the numerous food trucks that were available: pizza, cheesesteaks, empanadas, tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, and even hot pretzels.

My favorite part of the experience, I think, was the musical entertainment: Brian Kirk and the Jirks. He had an amazing ensemble of instrumentalists playing behind him as he performed, and he’s just as good a comedian as he is a musician. At one point during the show, he said “If anyone has any song requests, keep ’em to yourselves. We don’t wanna hear it.”

My only advice for future visitors would be to purchase the tickets early and to arrive at the event early. This year it sold out and got adequately crowded towards the end.

But overall, the festival was a lot of fun and I’d love to do it again next year. With a reasonably priced ticket, they definitely give you your monies worth.

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