The Ageless Collective Summer Kick Off Dinner

As she approached her 60th birthday, Maureen Spataro learned from women she spoke to that whether they were happily married, single, divorced, had children or not, stepping into a new decade came with questions about what their life would look like, what was happening to their bodies, and their focus was shifting back to themselves.  Aging, menopause, dreams put aside and possibly being revisited, changing friendships and smaller friend circles were all part of our series of sit downs she hosted in women’s homes to discuss topics she brought to the table.

On Thursday, June 20th at Yesterday’s restaurant in Hazlet, NJ Maureen is setting several tables for women and hosting The Ageless Collective Summer Kick Off Dinner.  An intimate gathering, the dinner invites ageless women to come and enjoy a dinner, and engage with a panel discussion about ageless topics.
“Ageless means we have lived and learned enough to help younger women walk through their lives a little easier.  We are unafraid and have old dreams to revisit or new dreams to pursue.  Our purpose is shifting, and we are thinking about what we will leave behind that defines our individual legacies.  However, our 50s and 60s invite more questions and changes than ever.  Why go through it alone?”
The Ageless Collective Summer Kick Off Dinner
June 20th
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