Take A Calendar Challenge!

By Kim Sambade ~
Three short weeks ago, I looked at my calendar and I wondered how I was going to survive it. I’m a working mom who had a “to do” on just about every single day through March and April, many in May and some sporadic events sprinkled through the balance of the year, no different than anyone else. I am a dinosaur still married to my paper calendar, as I find that writing my schedule helps my recall. I had all sorts of writing and highlights on it, dentist appointments, work engagements, a doctor’s appointment, meetings etcetera (when is the last time you saw THAT word spelled out, this is what having time on my hands has afforded me, no need for abbreviations,) all great things, but a lot and certainly no different than any other person.
I look at those calendar blocks now as each day passes, and my obligation is no longer. Where I would have been, what I would have been doing and who I would have been doing it with are not taking place. The days have halted and I am now home with my kids. Which in light of current circumstances feels amazing. As a planner, it’s difficult to have surrendered control though. My calendar dictated my existence. At times that was great and other times not so great because free time is not too often.
So now, I started a new calendar, a blank one and it has been quite therapeutic. I have made appointments to facetime loved ones and to exercise more. The events I am planning are phone calls and zoom meetings. My administrative tasks are writing notes to my people, sending texts and messages to remain and feel connected, both personally and professionally. I have scheduled time to meditate. Meetings from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on a Thursday, are emailing others to make sure they are ok and check on them. My calendar of tasks for now, has just shifted. I have replaced all of the prior engagements with new ones. And I am ok with this, I don’t really think I have a choice, and when that happens, I embrace it!
I ENCOURAGE you to mourn your calendar as you knew it, with all of the great plans that decked it out, because, yes, it is sad, but I CHALLENGE you to rewrite it. Classify your meetings, events and appointments as opportunities and obligations to do good for your loved ones, your pets, your colleagues, your business AND yourself. Set personal and professional goals and write them down. WRITE THEM DOWN! Do it. Writing is powerful and realizing them in ink, will promote success and sanity. It’s old school but we have all paused and we all have the time to do it. Take one week or even one day at a time, whatever feels most comfortable to you.
We are in it together, for now…not forever!
Stay healthy and hopeful!

Kim Sambade
Director of Event & Volunteer Services
1105 Memorial Drive, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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