Survival Guide For Hair Care

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How to Grow Out Your Hair Color

We’re the first to admit that we love a good hair color switch-up. Whether it’s an on-trend rose gold hue or just some subtle highlights throughout, nothing says new me more than a new do. Sometimes, however, it’s best to put down the bottle and give your hair a breather, and this step can always be a tricky one.

Being in quarantine also means an automatic pause on hair dyeing and other beauty routines as hair and nail salons remain closed. If you have highlights or were looking to go back to your natural hair color for the spring, you may have come to the realization that you’re going to have to grow out your hair color all on your own, without your trusty colorist to guide the way. No problem though, that’s why we’re here.

When it’s time to stop

The benefits of ditching the dye are pretty much endless because no matter whether you’re bleaching or coloring your hair, strands will suffer. The chemicals in hair dyes will dry your hair out and cause it to be brittle and prone to breakage—not quite the glossy locks we’re all after.

Whilst regular visits to the salon and products will help lock in moisture, eventually, the only way to really solve your haircare problems will be to go au naturale. So if you’re finding that no matter how many masks you try and inches you trim that your hair is still looking lackluster, it may be time to go back to your natural hue.

The good news? Going back to your natural hair color will do wonders for your pocketbook and hair health. No longer with you have to slather your scalp in harsh chemicals and fork over good money for the privilege. And don’t worry. If you live in fear of that awkward transition phase, we have you covered. Here are some tips on how to successfully navigate your color change and come out of quarantine with a whole new hair color.

Before you embark on any drastic hair color change, it is important to do a few key things first. You need to begin by developing a plan and preparing yourself for a transition phase, and ensuring that you possess realistic expectations. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. And, your return to your natural hue will take time as well.

Get Planning

The biggest mistake you can make when reverting to your natural hair color is to pick a shade that you think looks how your natural color used to and just slapping it on. If you want to gracefully ditch the dye, it’s going to be a fairly long process that takes a decent amount of planning. Don’t dive headfirst into a world of coloring. Instead, take baby steps and listen to the experts.

Work alongside a colorist to find out the best process, and be sure to let them know your entire hair history so they can know exactly what your hair has been through. That spontaneous moment when you bleached your entire hair five years ago really does matter. With a colorist, you can plan the route, and while it may take a few salon visits, it’ll be worth that extra time to ensure minimal damage to your hair and top-notch results.

How to grow out highlights

If you have been highlighting your hair for years and want to break the habit, there is good news. You can grow out highlights with very little effort at all!

Begin by letting your hair grow for a few months until much of your natural shade has returned. Remember, your natural shade may have changed over the years, so don’t assume that you know exactly what it is, particularly if you have been adding highlights for eons. It is also recommended that you get your ends trimmed to remove all of your split and over-processed bits—while you can’t make it to the salon, skip this bit until things are back to normal. In a few months, your highlights will gradually grow out and you will be left with a much healthier mane in your natural hue. Easy, right?