Summer Is Time To Relax And Quiet The Mind

The kids are out of school now and your schedules get a chance to wind down. Summer is the time to relax! With that in mind, why not try several of these techniques that will help quiet the mind:

Progressive muscle relaxation
Relaxation Imagery
Body Scan
Repetitive Exercise
Soothing music

These techniques have two basic components. The first is the focus on the word, breath, phrase, prayer, image or physical activity. The second is the passive disregard of everyday thoughts when they come to mind and a return to focus.

Within a few weeks of practice, you will notice that you feel less anxious, your sleep has improved, you have fewer stress related physical symptoms such as headaches and you have increased concentration, efficiency, and greater self-acceptance.

The benefits of relaxation are many. The relaxation response can help:
Alter hypertension,
Irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and insomnia
Decrease pain and the use of pain medication
Decrease anxiety and fear
Alleviate depression and anger
Promote healing and recovery
Prepare you for medical procedures, treatments and tests
Increase feelings of well-being, comfort and control
Increase self-awareness
Change negative thought patterns

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