Delicious Summer Garden Pork and Chicken

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~

Now’s the time to put your summer garden zucchini, peppers and succulent tomatoes into an easy summer dinner!

2 medium zucchini-cut ends, slice lengthwise, lay each half flat and slice lengthwise again-now slice across for bite-sized quartered pieces. This recipe doesn’t call for a variety of seasonings. Summer flavors and tastes are too good to overbear!
2-3 large tomatoes chopped
Bermuda onion 1 medium sliced
1-2 ears fresh corn-brush w/ oil & seasonings-try Montreal Steak seasoning! Grill until they begin to brown-cut and remove from the cob.
Pork loin or boneless chops cut into bite-sized chunks
Boneless Chicken Breasts cut into finger-width strips
Chopped garlic 1-2 tbs.
Scallions handful sliced on a bias (angle)
Bell pepper-red, green or yellow-sliced thin
1 jalapeno chopped fine **optional
Freshly chopped basil leaves
Balsamic vinegar
Water-for steaming
In a skillet, (on the stove, grill side burner or grill) add garlic, zukes, Bermuda onion and about ½ C. water. Cover and steam about 4 min. Add meats, balsamic vinegar, corn, bell pepper, jalapeno (*optional) and scallions-toss, cover & continue steaming 3-4 minutes. When the meat is tender drain any water left, turn into a bowl, and add basil, chopped tomato, salt or pepper to taste & drizzle a tad more balsamic. Enjoy!

(And by the way, anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds can do so easily with steamed zukes and chopped tomatoes! Simply slice a medium zuke, steam, drain and dust with garlic powder, add chopped tomato-add a splash of balsamic dressing or your favorite dressing & enjoy!)