Success Tips For Women In Male Driven Industries

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As a woman in the technology world, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes for women to be successful in a male-dominated industry.  Here are some tips for any women today in the industry.

What can women do to stand out as indispensable?

Don’t focus on being one of the few women in a field or an industry. Instead concentrate on consistently honing your “go to war work skills” to make yourself invaluable and an expert in your area or industry of choice. Do this by holding yourself to a standard of excellence and putting in the hours that make a difference in moving a business and your career forward.  I was just at a annual Technology conference. I touched base with one of my business managers and she asked, “How did it feel being the only women in the room?” I don’t look at myself as the minority in the room. I am just as qualified as everyone else there. I carry myself as such. I carry myself with poise and confidence and once again I have more passion then most.

Afraid to speak up?

Not only should you speak up, but you need to be direct in your speech. Don’t add qualifiers that make you seem insecure or powerless. You know the ones. “I’m not sure if you’ll agree”, “I’m sorry,” or “I’m not sure what you’ll think.” Don’t apologize. Period. You’re there for a good reason. Own that.  Most importantly, be brief. It’s important to have the ability to topline your information. No one wants to listen to long winded explanations.

Finding yourself being interrupted?

If you find you are being interrupted, there are two different approaches. You can be polite and explain you were speaking and are not done yet, or sometimes it’s wise to yield the floor. You can then mentally gather all the relevant facts and information for an appropriate response and demonstrate you are more facile with the issue. Most of all don’t lose your cool. By being in control you demonstrate strength.

The power of networking!!!

Who you know within your industry and area of expertise is a major advantage in moving your agenda forward, and some of the best connections are made outside the office. Use informal gatherings and industry events to make connections that may prove invaluable to projects and your career. By having strong contacts, you bring new resources to your company, gain credibility, and build a powerful professional network.  I belong to a strong Women’s Entrepreneur group called ETTWomen. Be around “Like Minded People.”

Are you not well versed on Public speaking?

You know what “they” say, the more you do it, the better you will become.  Perfect practice makes perfect. I do lots of public speaking anywhere I am asked.  Of course, depending on your industry. I will be speaking on June 1st at The Women’s Metro Summit, with the Lt. Governor and First Lady Murphy.  In my panel will be Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes both founders of EttWomen.  I will also be speaking at “Powerful You” Women’s Network. The topic will be “Where Do You Find Support in Times of Adversity?”  You can find all the information on my website under “News/Information.”

Remember most of all follow your passion!

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