Success Is No Accident

By Tracey Hall ~

According to Pelé, it’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, loving what you do. I have to agree with that assessment because sometimes things align and you just know you’re on the right path.

Jersey Shore Scene is a mere 18 months old and has taken over my life with everything that is good. The people I have met and the experiences we’ve shared would never had been possible without me starting this business venture. There is so much good here at the Shore and my goal is to have this website become a home for all of it.

Home is where the heart is and how lucky am I to be able to share that love with my readers? I dreamed that one day, this site would reach over 10,000 people only to learn at last look, it had over 12,000 during the last 30 days!

Another milestone but really more reinforcement to keep on going. The summer is almost here and our shore is the star attraction! I’ll do what I can to promote the environment and wildlife, the cool stories and all the efforts made by our locals to help one another and to keep our home pristine.

Most important, I am thankful and grateful for everyone who takes a peek at Jersey Shore Scene. Please “Like” and “Share” when something touches you and always feel free to let me know of something that needs to find a home here. My door is always “Open.”

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